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Our services admin February 6, 2020
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Instrumentation Supply and Services

We provide professional electrical, instrumentation, and control services with genuine personal attention to customers.

At Rx Automation & Control, we ensure safe and efficient industrial processes with the highest-quality engineered products to measure and control flow, level, pressure, temperature, and more! We’re proud to offer the highest-quality engineered products for measuring and controlling your process variables. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll show you how to process instrumentation can streamline your business.

Our service doesn’t stop with a transaction. We have the application knowledge to back up our sales and provide technical support behind the products we sell. Our technical support is available to assure problem-free installation & troubleshooting. Our team members have diverse technical backgrounds and industry experience. We will match your specific process measurement, mechanical valve, and automation application with the right products and provide technical support to ensure safe and efficient installation.

Automation & System Integration PLC & SCADA
We design and build a control system to suit your needs.

Automation Systems Integrators create direct lines of communication between smart control systems that allow plant equipment to more efficiently communicate with centralized control system. Rx Automation & Control designs, builds, and programs control systems for the efficient and precise operation of industrial and Municipal Automation.

Rx Automation & Control offers specialized equipment for specific applications and markets, as well as a number of automation and integration services, including engineering design, prototyping, process verification, specification writing, software and manufacturing process controls development, equipment design and build.

SCADA Master Plan and Maintenance

The best application of the supervisory control and data acquisition system components, ensure the continuity of a water and wastewater plant or complex industries operational success.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems have been around for over half a century providing real-time data from the field to operators. SCADA systems incorporate a growing plethora of monitoring devices and sensors that provide a staggering number of inputs and outputs. From chemical usage, to power consumption, to inlet-outlet pressures, and so on.

SCADA systems are used by industrial organizations and companies in the public and private sectors to control and maintain efficiency, distribute data for smarter decisions, and communicate system issues to help mitigate downtime. SCADA systems work well in many different types of enterprises because they can range from simple configurations to large, complex installations.

Asset Management
The management of engineering assets and the provisions of guidelines and services, related to the effective usage of all of the physical engineered assets within an organization.

We provide a complete set of end-to-end overall asset integrity solutions. When working on specialized asset management initiatives and related projects, our clients benefit and are supported by our front-end technical capability. This approach has led to the development of best practices and world-class processes, systems, and technology in a broad range of industry sectors to help clients unlock the hidden potential and reduce costs in assets.

Managing assets is a fundamental part of a business that protects capital investments and generates optimum efficiency and safety. Knowing an asset’s location, condition and availability present many challenges in today’s operating environments. Call us today for a free consultation!

Process Optimization
Process Optimization Solutions

Enlarge the worth of your tech investments via implementing great practices, automating workflows, and delivering timely analytics.

Process Optimization Consulting service plays an important role in making your business or industry wider and faster. Our experienced team of experts in process optimization ensures that you thrive in the current competitive economic environments.

Our team of certified Process Management and Optimization experts provide a full suite of business process management services, including Business Analysis & Process Definition, Process Optimization & Alignment, and Process Automation and Digitization. We specialize in helping organizations to enable efficiency, cut costs, improve customer and employee satisfaction, and improve the quality of their products and services. We implement process and performance improvements to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and improve the overall growth of your organization.

Project Management
Rxanc oversees activities ranging from planning, coordination, scheduling, and cost control, to design, construction and commissioning.

Seamlessly integrating our business, technical, and project management experts into your team to help you achieve predictable and successful project outcomes. As the project manager, we integrate engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) functions to meet client expectations.

We provide all necessary services in-house, eliminating the need for multiple consultants. This capability is changing the face of program management. We use a project collaboration and document management tool for engineering, procurement, and construction management projects. Every project comes with challenges. Our team’s creative, collaborative approach to planning and controls heads off most problems from the start and provides early warnings on the rest.

Project management