Team Introduction
Great teamwork creates an even greater solution!

Valley Integration is an independent automation solutions provider, whose primary goal is to make their Canadian clients processes better. We are a “one-stop company” that offers total solutions for process automation and control systems across multiple industries.

Our “product” is the collective mind-share of our team of expert designers, engineers, project managers, design technologists, application programming specialists, IT professionals and service technicians. As a team, we work towards a common goal, and we are passionate about what we do and who we are.

The project lifecycle of systems integration relies on various specialists, each at the top of their game, to maintain an optimal level of quality throughout the project. We source our team on their level of skill and expertise, but also with a strong background in customer service to value our clients and their needs.

We rely on advanced technology to deliver Engineering and Automation projects to our customers. Technology speeds schedules, lower costs, and ensures quality. Our colleagues perform increasingly complex design work, and advance technology enables them to work collaboratively in virtual environments around Canada and USA.

Rxancwill deliver a comprehensive solution with the following system integration services:

Below are the values that we run deep into every facet of Valley Integration:

•Complete customer satisfaction
● Continuous improvement
● Dynamic culture
● Employee first
● Accountability
● Collaborative approach